Terms & Conditions


  1. The Great Indian Poetry Contest (the “Competition”) is organised by On Fire Cultural Movement (“On
  2. By entering the Competition, you confirm that you understand and agree to accept these Rules.
  3. Only Residential or Non-residential Indians are permitted to participate in this contest.
  4. You do not have to be a published poet to enter.
  5. The competition opens for entries at 10 AM IST 5 May 2018.
  6. The closing date of the competition is 11:59 PM 10 July 2018.
  7. Entries sent after the Period will not be considered for the Contest and shall be deemed null and void.
  8. On Fire has the right to extend the deadline of “The Great Indian Poetry Contest”.
  9. A single submission can enter a maximum of two poems.
  10. The entrant can make multiple submissions.
  11. Entries will not be returned so please keep a copy.
  12. Under no circumstances can alterations be made to poems once entered. If entrants wish to correct
    errors in their poem, they need to make another submission, as the contest is open to multiple
  13. On Fire cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any
    entrant entering the Competition.
  14. On Fire reserves the right both to cancel the Competition and to amend these Rules where it is
    deemed necessary or to account for circumstances beyond the organiser’s control.
  15. Any notice of cancellation or changes to the Rules will be posted on the Terms & Conditions section of
    the contest website.
  16. In the event of any dispute regarding these Rules or any other matter relating to the Competition, the
    decision of “On Fire” shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
  17. Entries not complying with the Competition Rules will be disqualified, as will entrants in breach of the
  18. Entrants must not approach or attempt to influence any judge or member of On Fire over Competition
  19. The Competition Rules will be governed by Indian law and any dispute will be subject to the exclusive
    jurisdiction of the courts in Bangalore, India.


  1. Theme: Open
  2. Poets can submit their best work which is previously unpublished.
  3. All entries are judged anonymously and the poet’s name must not appear on the poem itself. However,
    you must give your real name as part of your submission, even if you prefer that your work is published
    under a pseudonym.
  4. A poem must not exceed 40 lines in length (excluding title) and all poems must have a title.
  5. Poems must be the original work of the entrant.
  6. Entries must not have been published in print, broadcast, have featured among the winners of another
    competition or be submitted elsewhere for consideration.
  7. Poems must be written primarily in English, though a few words or phrases in another language or
    languages can be included.
  8. Entrants may submit poems translated into English providing the source text is their own original work
    and has not been published in print, on websites, broadcast, featured among the winners of another
    competition or be submitted elsewhere for consideration.


  1. All entries must be submitted to “On Fire”
  2. Entries must be submitted on the Poetry Contest Website.
  3. The due details along with the poems need to be submitted for a valid entry.
  4. The entries will be accepted only after the payment is completed.
  5. Confirmation of receipt of all Competition entries will be by an automated email reply.
  6. You may withdraw your entry by email notification to mail@stayonfire.in However, unless the
    Competition is cancelled, entry fees will not be refunded.
  7. If you have submitted more than one poem, please ensure that you identify clearly which poem is
    being withdrawn.
  8. On Fire reserves the right to withdraw and not publish any entry which it considers to be plagiarized,
    defamatory or otherwise prejudicial to the reputation of On Fire or its community.


  1. Each entry costs INR 250 for Indian nationals and USD 5 for non Indians.
  2. All payments must be made via the integrated payment portal on the website. Confirmation of
    payment will be by automatic email reply.


  1. The winner of the Contest will receive a prize of INR 25,000. The runner-up (second-placed
    poem) will receive a prize of INR 10,000. The second runner-up (third-placed poem) will receive a prize
    of INR 5,000. Ten Consolation Prizes will be given INR 1,000 each.
  2. Prize winners will be paid directly into the same bank account from which the fee for the entry was
    originally paid or a Cheque will be given to the winners.
  3. No poet may win more than one cash prize.
  4. On Fire reserves the right, in conjunction with the Contest judge, not to award the prizes, or to reduce
    or split the prize money if, in their opinion, such action is justified for any reason.
  5. The prize money is generated entirely through entry fees and may be reduced if an insufficient number
    of entries are received.


  1. Names of the Winners and Special Recommendations will appear in electronic format on the On Fire
    website, and other social media pages and may be printed in publications and journals published or
    brought out by On Fire, or in other forms. The copyright in each poem submitted remains with the
    author. The prize-winning and shortlisted entrants grant On Fire the permission for publicity purposes
    (including in print and electronic publications) thereafter.
  2. Entrants not selected for prizes or shortlisted are free to submit poems entered into the Competition
    for consideration elsewhere (i.e. to other competitions or for publication) after end of the competition
    on June 10, 2018.