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The Only Survivor (Comic)

Illustrated by Aamir Kamal, New Delhi   Want to be on FACE Mag? Send your work to Cheers! Aatish now on 40% discount. Grab now!! #poets #photographers #creativity #socialissues  

A Feature Film By Techies 0

A Feature Film By Techies

Written by Debapriya Dattaroy ‘A Day In My City’ aka Nagaradalli Ondu Dina is an Independent Kannada  feature film directed by Venkat Bharadwaj which stresses on the need to conserve water. He puts forth a very important question...

Mother's Day 0

Mother's Day

Eli lived with her mother in Utah. On Mother’s Day, she drove to the florist to get a rose bouquet for her Mom. She ordered a bouquet and was waiting aside for it, giving...