In Pursuit of MEN = WOMEN: One Step Towards World Peace

Author: Shehla

Female activists united over issues such as female infanticide, gender bias, women’s health, women’s safety, and women’s literacy. To this day women are being strong, goal oriented and courageously fighting for justice. But then came a point, where women went overboard. And when things become extreme, the purpose is lost and the message that was meant to be carried forward changed and misconceptions arose.

With an occasional shrug of the shoulders and that exasperated roll of eyes, we all have dramatically declared: “Can’t live with them… can’t live without them!” The masculine and feminine genders have been trying to coexist and live in harmony since like forever! The jokes on men and women never cease to exist!

A ‘Woman’…..What is the definition of a ‘Woman’? What are the words that pop in your mind when you hear this word? Is it Beauty… Sensitivity… Femininity…. ?
And what about defining a ‘Man’… Protective… powerful…chivalrous?

If I were to describe a man and a woman with these adjectives; would I be called stereotypical? Or being such a cliché? Seems like a description of romantic tale, where there’s a damsel in distress and then comes her knight in shining armour to save her! Isn’t it?

We’ve come a long way from those days! Men and women today are a lot more diverse and versatile! Our world has witnessed various phases of life and thoughts. The society and environment constantly change with time. We are pleased to know that some changes are for the better, and sometimes feel nostalgic about the past. With regard to men, women and society, there have been plenty of noteworthy improvements.

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Earlier women were the unwanted sex, killed before a girl infant was born. India has been a country which has had its struggles while developing and evolving. Women have been the subject to all kinds of discrimination. They were suppressed, oppressed and ever sacrificing, so much that they were denied basic rights. But with education and development, there came changes. Slowly but surely, the scenario changed, there came improvements. Laws were amended and Women were given equal rights.

Women in India now participate fully in areas such as education, sports, politics, media, art and culture, service sectors, science and technology, etc. The Constitution of India guarantees to all Indian women equality (Article 14), no discrimination by the State (Article 15(1)), equality of opportunity (Article 16), and equal pay for equal work (Article 39(d)). In addition, it allows special provisions to be made by the State in favour of women and children (Article 15(3)), renounces practices derogatory to the dignity of women (Article 51(A) (e)), and also allows for provisions to be made by the State for securing just and humane conditions of work and for maternity relief. (Article 42)

Women throughout the world are now confident, inspiring, role models, leading different fields and forging ahead like never before! Next the world saw women, coming forward and speaking their mind, being courageous and that led to the era of feminism. Feminist activism in India gained momentum in the late 1970s. One of the first national-
level issues that brought women’s groups together was the Mathura rape case. The acquittal of policemen accused of raping a young girl Mathura in a police station led to country-wide protests in 1979-1980. The protests, widely covered by the national media, forced the Government to amend the Evidence Act, the Criminal Procedure Code, and the Indian Penal Code; and created a new offence, custodial rape.

Female activists also united over issues such as female infanticide, gender bias, women’s health, women’s safety, and women’s literacy. To this day women are being strong, goal oriented and courageously fighting for justice. But then came a point, where women went overboard. And when things become extreme, the purpose is lost and the message that was meant to be carried forward changed and misconceptions arose. Some women still do not completely understand what they are fighting for. This brought about the term “Feminazi” Feminists came across as loud, obnoxious, demanding and even unattractive!


Today the importance of gender equality has been realised. Men also have been subject to discrimination and harassment. Although the concept of gender equality is an old one, there have been newer campaigns reinforcing this message. The Gender equality, also known as sex equality, gender egalitarianism, sexual equality or equality of the genders, is the view that men and women should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender. This is the objective of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which seeks to create equality in law and in social situations, such as in democratic activities and securing equal pay for equal work.

The “HE FOR SHE” movement by the United Nations is a powerful campaign and most countries are in full support in order to spread this message and allow changes to occur. There have been positive changes in India, but we have a long way to go. What caught my attention on the subject of gender equality is the recent video that went viral on the Internet. The “My Choice” Video which wanted to spread the message on women empowerment has raised a lot of eyebrows. The woman in the video goes on expressing her thoughts and says that her choice is all that matters. But really, it’s not! Making choices does not make anyone feel empowered. Alright, one has the options to choose, one should be free to do what one wants. But the choice always comes with a price. The decisions made affect not only you but the people around you, the family who love you.

The woman in the video came across as a rebellious woman who is demanding and selfish, and someone who does not care …. And all this said and done for the sake of “freedom”. Everyone is in pursuit of happiness. And the woman in the video feels that freedom of choice will lead her to being happy. We all have this in our minds. “If I get this job, I’ll be happy, if I make enough money, I’ll be happy, if I buy this, I’ll be happy”. But when we get there, we are not completely satisfied and are already thinking about the next thing that we want! Happiness is a state of the mind!

But let us think sensibly and realise! Making the right choice is what matters most. You may not have your way; you may even lose out on some thing or sacrifice, but ultimately do the right thing. And life is like a giant wheel, we have ups and downs. Today you might be sad and devoid of the things you want. But tomorrow can be a better day. And most importantly: have a sensitive conscience!!! Listen to it!  I believe that listening to your conscience is the best thing to do. It gives you inner peace.

What many people don’t understand is: In the story of Mankind, every human being has an important role. … “Our choices” determine which the direction the story next takes. Throughout history there have been people who have been shining above, setting a path, an example for us! Yes, Role models, people whom we admire! And it’s sad when people don’t realise the responsibility they have on their shoulders! As spider man puts it “With great power, comes great responsibility”

Now let’s look into a family: a typical household:
There are six people around a dining table and five slices of cake, and suddenly you hear someone saying that they never cared for cake in the first place … I’m sure you know who this is….. A mother of course!
Buying that expensive phone for you and keeping your old one….. None other than your dad!
A nosy inquiry about that boy you just spoke to…. Your brother!
Fighting for the pair of shoes that you want …. A sister!

We have certain concepts when it comes to mothers and fathers & brothers and sisters. A selfish mother, a slack and careless father, a brother who isn’t protective, a sister who isn’t a friend….. These people might exist. Maybe all families are not happy.  There are broken hearts and broken families. And all this is unfortunate. Life as we know is not a bed of roses. The most important thing is the world is to have good values! And most children learn values from their families and their parents. These values are ingrained in us since a young age. This is the base of a strong conscience, that conscience which guides us and tells us right from wrong.

The youth of this country play a powerful role in bringing about positive changes in the country. And if the youth have a sensible mind-set and have their values in place, the world will do wonders! Men and women can stand shoulder to shoulder in everything and every field! They can work together toward a common goal and be modest, humble and sensible! Our generation will teach values to the next and so on. So let’s hold hands together and make a difference in this world, in our world…. The universe!

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