How College Friends Inspired Annusitara to Become a Photographer!

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Meet this young photographer who aims at being one of the finest photographers in the country one day. Her steps have already begun hike towards this goal. Annusitara is a first year student of M.A Mass communication in A.J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre, New Delhi. She finished her graduation in Physics from Farook College in Kerala. She shows a keen interest in the art of photography. One thing that can take you by surprise is that, this journey in photography, hasn’t been too old for her. Only in her graduation years was she introduced to photography as she had a lot of  friends interested in it and some of them were even professional photographers. And in just two years, she shows a great command over this Art form. “Initially, I  started clicking pictures with my mobile camera but I became serious about my  frames when I brought my first DSLR.”

Photography creates a huge space for self-expression for her. It’s a wonderful way to document one’s  journey through life. Apart  from that, photography demands a lot of travel and money. Accessories, from lenses, bags to tripods have become very essential now. Being a student, she doesn’t want to put too much pressure on her parents for all these things. But yes, she definitely loves to travel, meet new people  and  capture their lives.

Have a look at these photographs by Annusitara.

ann6When my eyes meet his gaze as we’re sitting here staring at each other, time stops #mussoorielake


ann2“The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

ann3Life is meant to be shared

ann4Perhaps it takes courage to raise children …


ann5  A mask tells us more than a face …

 ann7“Colour is fun, colour is just plain gorgeous, a gourmet meal for the eye, the window of the soul.”
– Rachel Wolf.


ann8The wheel of colours …


ann1“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” 
– Tom Robbins, Still Life Wood Pecker


ann9“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”


ann10It makes a big difference to recycle. It makes a big difference to use recycled products.
It makes a big difference to reuse things, to not use the  paper cup
– and each time you do, that’s a victory.

Find more pictures on Annu’s fb page: Ann’snaps



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22 Responses

  1. abdul says:

    goood photography

  2. abdul says:

    goood photography annusitara

  3. muhib says:

    nice one

  4. muhib says:

    good pics

  5. wajid says:

    nice photography

  6. Subramanya M says:

    a single click can capture million things .. if it is by a right person ! thank for capturing us awesome moments photographer.

  7. raghavendra says:

    very nice photography

  8. Nishad says:

    Wow…lovely photos..very nice photography 🙂

  9. Nishad says:

    Good Photography Annu! Keep it up! 🙂

  10. Ruquaiya says:

    All the very best buddy…….inspiring for inspiring photographers!!!

  11. saif says:

    Amazing photograph Annu….u keep it up…

  12. Maria says:

    The kids’ portraits are good. The colours in them especially !

  13. Aamir Kamal says:

    I wish I had such friends to motivate me … 😉

  14. Afshan anjum says: is so awsome wid frns.. N Annusitara.. U r really lucky to have such frns… Who have brought out such a fabulous photographer in u..

  15. Annusitara says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  16. Amritha fc says:

    Annuuu great proud on u :-*

  17. Sahla Nechiyil says:

    I had a friend for last three years, who impressed me with her eloquent words !! Yes, I miss her around me now and I suffocate with the vacuum of her magical words. But, yeah..I am glad that she speaks to the world through her breath taking pictures !! I can listen her through each of her snaps !! <3

    "As you start to walk on the way, the way appears"- Rumi

  18. aswathi says:

    Its great…. go on… good luck buddy

  19. aswathi says:

    Well done…. go on buddy… good luck

  20. jubin says:

    proud of you annoos…..great clicks…and well described of your journey….let this be an inspiration to all beginners that, nothing is impossible if one put effort to it.

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