What’s Missing in Today’s Fashion?

Tell Us What’s Missing in Today’s Fashion?

Written by Debapriya Dattaroy

Media is regarded as the trend setter especially in the concept of fashion.
They manage to df1o that in the form of advertisements, commercials and mostly movies. In the movies the hero and heroines are projected as ideals and role models for the general crowd. They follow their way of behaviour, their posture, their accent, their moves and mostly their dressing sense.

In some movies the hero is described as rugged, heroic, brave, honest and play boyish while in some he may be domestic, brave and heroic. But in any movie, the heroine is subjected to any of the two roles, completely domestic or an item piece. And of course she is expected to dress up for the part.  In most movies the costumes for
female protagonists are usually bikinis, mini skirts, tube tops , mini frocks or ghagras where most of her upper body is visible.


People seem to link fashion with exposure. Speaking from the point of view of a viewer, I would like to add that it gets boring after a point of time. I am myself a fan of good looking heroes and of course I appreciate it when they wear skin tight jackets or half buttoned t-shirts or skin tight jeans. How ever the fashion of heroes keep changing at least to a certain extent. While the females are subjected to the same old bikinis or minis or the other extreme completely in saris or salwar. Fashion is like a river it’s never stagnant, it keeps evolving then why has people just reprimanded the same old type of clothes. Isn’t the idea of fashion means to be creative?

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Exposure may not always mean fashion. What is actually missing that fashion has not evolved in the concept of media for such a long time?







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