18 Gadgets For Daily Life That Will Make You Go WOW!

Written by Shehla 

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In today’s high stress world, technology has an impact on business, health and happiness like never before. In fact there have been several studies which have been conducted to find out the correlation between technology and happiness!
They ask, “Are tech-savvy countries happier???” Apparently the answer is YES!

And while we are in the midst of discussing the highs of technology and innovations, we are very much aware of the consequences of “too much” of it.

Christian Lous Lange said, “Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master.” Recently the internet was flooded with videos urging people, to “get out of the virtual world”, “to look up from the phone” and be more social. Admitted! We are guilty of it! We began to wonder if smart phones are making us dumb.

But let’s stop here for a moment and think. Life is after all, about a perfect balance. And the whole idea is not about the choice between using technology or not. The challenge is to use it right. Reflect on your life, there is technology all around you. We absolutely cannot do without it. Then, let’s just learn to strike a balance.

So here’s a list of some great inventions that will make you go “WOW!”


Home is where the heart is! I’m sure you would love these at your home!

1. Belkin Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker 


With the WeMo-enabled Slow Cooker and your Smartphone, you can turn on your chicken chili from anywhere, as well as adjust the temperature, alter cooking time and even get reminders so you’ll never be stuck with raw chicken again.

2. Egg Minder

Is that egg still good? You don’t want to find out  the hard way. The Egg Minder can keep you apprised of how old your eggs are. Perfect when you’re debating the purchase at the grocery store. Egg Minder will send you a push notification when it’s time to replenish your egg supply.

3. Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition


With a tablet in the kitchen, you always run the risk of spills, dropped food and messy hands. Sony has an Xperia Tablet that is specifically meant for kitchen use, and it can withstand all the rigors it is exposed to. You can even run the tablet under running water to rinse it off, or submerge it in water for up to 30 minutes. That’s kitchen tough.


4. Bonus: Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop


While this was just a concept on display at CES, this amazing interactive cooktop really wowed the crowd who went gaga over the touchscreen surface. You can also access recipes, your social media accounts and email. Computing and cooking in one: an amazing glimpse into what’s to come.



5. Virtual Keyboard from Brookstone


Tired of using your thumbs on minuscule smart phone and tablet keyboards?
The keyboard can be projected on any flat surface by lasers. This small device has powerful optic sensors that pick up and transmit the data to your Smartphone, tablet or laptop using Bluetooth and comes with a rechargeable battery and USB cord for charging. Cool, isn’t it?

6. Window Solar Charger


The Window Solar Charger can be used to power your smart-phone through
sunlight from the window. And because it can stick to any window, it can be
used at home, in the car, or at the office. It’s time to go green! The energy is all
collected through solar panels on the window-facing side of the device



7. Bluetooth Headsetf

Bluetooth headsets evolved a lot from those bulky big ear hook pieces to the stylish little gadgets we buy today.
The O.R.B. Bluetooth headset is comfortable to wear and has an S shaped form attaching to the wearer’s ear. It uses bone conduction audio transmission technology. And there is no discomfort of placing the device in your ear. While you’re not on a call, you transform it into a ring and can wear it on one of your fingers. The external part of the ring is capable of displaying the date, time and the number calling you.

        d   C. HEALTH – CARE

8. MIT’s Finger Reader

Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists are developing an audio reading device to be worn on the index finger of people whose vision is impaired. It would give them affordable and immediate access to printed words. It is a prototype produced by a 3-D printer. It fits like a ring on the user’s finger, equipped with a small camera that scans text. A synthesized voice reads words aloud, quickly translating books, restaurant menus and other needed materials for daily living, especially away from home or office.

9. Prep Pad

The Prep Pad takes the digital food scale to a whole new level. Part smart scale, part nutritional guide, part dietician, the Prep Pad allows you to not only measure your food, but also determine the nutritional content of everything you place on top and it displays helpful dietary information including calories, protein, fats and carbs.

10. TellSpec

jIt is a bio tech product and a spectrometer that can parse the
ingredients of whatever you point it at and beam this information to an accompanying Smartphone app.

Have an allergy to soy? Are you lactose-intolerant? Scanning foods with TellSpec will uncover the hidden ingredients and tip you off to any potential health issues it may cause. Logging your symptoms after scanning food will help TellSpec determine what the culprit ingredient might be.

Hoffmann is the pioneer to developing this after his experience with health issues of his daughter. TellSpec beams a low-powered laser at the food in question and low-energy photons are then emitted back. It sorts the photons by wavelength and determines what chemical compounds are within. It’s also a helpful tool for diabetics.


11. Philips’ Alarm Clock

Philips Fidelio DS1110/37, Philips’ alarm clock dock’s small footprint will charge an iPhone and brings Omni-directional music playback.




12. Nostalgia Electrics 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

A multi-tasking marvel, the Breakfast Station offers a mini-griddle,
a toaster oven and coffee brewing in one tidy gadget.


13. Brookstone Pocket Projector Mobile

fr             A projector is a great alternative to a large television
where space is limited. This tiny model will project an
image up to 60-inches


           14. Instant Smartphone Printer

Check out this adorable little space-saving
printer that will instantly print your
favorite photos straight from your


Today’s smartphones let you do all sorts of ingenious things and the phone function is the least interesting one. Let’s see what else allows you your Smartphone to do.

15. Automatic pet feederwd

Did you know that you can feed your pet from your phone? We’re not talking about ordering pet food online but about actually controlling the pet feeder from the Smartphone. All you have to do is connect the feeder to a Smartphone and install the Pintofeed app. The app will gather info about your pet’s feeding schedule and it will create one for dispensing food.

16. Wemo Light Switch

Do you know you can control the lights in your home with the Smartphone? Just replace your existing light switch with the Wemo one and you’ll be able to
control the lights remotely from any corner of the world via WiFi. The app can be downloaded free and it allows you to create schedules that will automatically turn on or off the light at a certain time.



17. DoorBot – Wireless Doorbell


Another great privilege that your Smartphone offers is the ability to have a wireless doorbell which is perfect for when you’re away, working in the garden or when you simply don’t hear the regular doorbell.

This smart doorbell also has a camera that transmits live video and audio through an app so you’ll be able to see who’s at the door and to communicate with them. The interesting thing is that you’ll be able to that from anywhere in the world so you’ll know if anyone’s at your door even when you’re somewhere else.

18. Tile Appjuykii


If you’re the type that usually loses things or misplaces them, the solution to the problem is very simple. All you have to do is use Tile App. It’s a tracking device that can be attached to any object and lets you find it with your Smartphone.

You can just attach the device to the thing that are most likely to get lost around the house such as the keys, your phone, your wallet, etc. Tile app will tell you how close you’re getting to the item and you can monitor up to 10 different items on your Smartphone.

Well, knowing that these wonderful things actually are out in the market, makes you want to go get them, don’t you? Of course, some of the gadgets are high end and way too expensive! But one can’t help feeling “wowed” with some of these inventions. And there will be more and more to come! Who knows we might soon live the lives of famous “JETSONS” 🙂



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