More Than Just a Slap_Gauhar Khan Case

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3 Responses

  1. aveen says:

    Hi Fatima surana after reading ur article I felt I need to share a few things which I noticed. I appriciate the way u kept the topic crisp n straight by mentioning prob n sol. Well I feel a persons charecter defnately can’t speak abt d charecter but it can say a lot abt d attitude and may b at this point human beings need to accept another fellow beings attitude regardless of being a man or women. If u also see the KISS OF LOVE case its the prob in accepting d attitude again.

  2. aveen says:

    Sorry Garima got ur name wrong

  3. Subramanya M says:

    Aveen made a good pint .. right article. slap on the face of Hippocratic conservatives ..

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