More Than Just a Slap_Gauhar Khan Case

Garima Surana SPEAKS !!!

Problem : Gauhar Khan slapped in public during the shooting of a reality show by a muslim fellow named Akil Mali (24) for wearing skimpy dress.


My take : Intensively shallow thought of line at first place. Muslim or non Muslim, please don’t converge the whole matter to castism now. So, what makes a man so monk-like that he thinks girls, especially Muslim girls, shouldn’t be dressed in short clothes. Dude, if you have a problem with glamour why did you even come to a reality show as audience? These are the same kind of men who masturbate in closed spaces seeing half naked women in magazines but cannot see a girl wearing what she is okay with. Disgusting. Double standards and utter hypocrisy.

I’m equally amazed by the response of masses on this case. Another lot of MCP’s say “good, she deserved this” , “acha kia sali ke sath” “proud of u bro” “esi ladki nachaniya hogi, Muslim toh nahi”.
Sigh! Now why? Seriously men, you need to grow up not just in “sizes” but expand your grey cells and be open to world.

Our very outrageous celebrities have been also extremely irresponsible in showing their fury this time to the entire case.


Solution : Hitting a girl is an indecent, highly objectionable and unjustifiable act. Hitting in public is a sin and hitting in the name of God or religion, a double sin. No religion permits hitting a woman. Actor or non actor is too petty to talk. The solution is an action against the person of course and a moral lesson to be learnt by all men that a piece of cloth on a woman’s body doesn’t decide her character. Awareness people. And you, so-called men, well if you’re a man, then should never judge or be wrongful to her.

PS: Waiting to see Gauhar’s take on it !


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3 Responses

  1. aveen says:

    Hi Fatima surana after reading ur article I felt I need to share a few things which I noticed. I appriciate the way u kept the topic crisp n straight by mentioning prob n sol. Well I feel a persons charecter defnately can’t speak abt d charecter but it can say a lot abt d attitude and may b at this point human beings need to accept another fellow beings attitude regardless of being a man or women. If u also see the KISS OF LOVE case its the prob in accepting d attitude again.

  2. aveen says:

    Sorry Garima got ur name wrong

  3. Subramanya M says:

    Aveen made a good pint .. right article. slap on the face of Hippocratic conservatives ..

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