Peace is Achievable

Written by Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon, Nigeria

Before you preach peace;

you must learn it

Before you learn it;

you must search for it

Before you search for it;

you must develop the zeal

Before developing the zeal;

you must think of it……

Peace as a term means a sign of harmony characterized by the lack of Violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence commonly understood as the absence of hostility.

It is the cord that brings close relationship between two partners, between two countries, between an organization and more. It is the epitome of progress in any society. The word Harmony and Hostility are two antagonizing words of hospitality; whereas, where is Harmony there is unity and peace. On the other hand, hostility breeds warfare and violence. It compromises with the standard of living and dwelling in peace to concessions. ‘Peace as the epitome of progress cannot be acquired by words but by the heart willing for it’… Connotatively; you are the one to make peace your heartbeat; thus: the degree of willingness and zeal for harmony, unity, love and progress will determine the degree of peace in your heart, society and community, Nation and in the global world.

According to sources; Peace as a term is derived from the Latin word ‘Pax’ meaning ‘freedom from civil disorder’. It is said that from the onset, the translation of the Hebrew word ‘Shalom’ which is in cognate with the Arabic word ‘Salaam’ commensurate the love of humanity within peace. The word ‘peace’ is said to be ‘taught in the mind but is not caught in the heart; neither the fear of humanity trends the care of inhumanity’. This brings about the lack of knowledge in the heart of people. The nature of relationship between man to man has shown that; developing hatred in the heart does not entail long years of trace series but might be a sudden erosion of love towards others in the heart. Preaching and maintaining peace requires some vivid attributes of personal character towards its attainment. These are sub divided into sections as follows:

Think of it

Develop the zeal

Search for it

Learn it and

Preach it.

Culled from my upcoming book of peace.

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