Written by Suha Azmath, Bangalore

Little did we know that the exceptionally talented Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, would contribute towards raising a campaign called ‘He For She’ that aims at spreading awareness about gender equality among the masses. The 24 year old actress recently delivered a speech in United Nations, stating the need to empower and equalise women in all walks of life and urged men to do the same. The ‘He For She’ campaign aims at creating an equal society irrespective of gender bias with the collective efforts of men and women alike. It also aims at raising and urging people to be ‘feminists’ in the true sense of the term; not the “we hate all men” kind of feminism. It’s more of a “let’s get better together” campaign. Here are 10 reasons why the world needs a sensible and rational initiative like ‘He For She’:

1. People take the perspective ‘It’s a man’s world’ way too seriously. Its high time people realise that the world consists of women as well. The inferiority created in the minds of women due to ignorance almost everywhere calls for a redefined terminology that will erase this inequality.

2. While not all men are chauvinists and hypocrites, there is a need to empower every household about the respect, dignity and integrity that every woman possesses. This movement cannot be achieved by women alone. It calls for the undue attention and respect of men as well.

3. The amount of illiteracy rates and school dropouts among girls in various developing and underdeveloped nations is alarmingly high. There is an urgent need to universally solve this burning issue.

4. Owing to the amount of human trafficking, domestic violence and rapes that occur globally, there’s no point in being a feminist and hating men without actually taking any effective measures to resolve the issue. Hence, ‘He For She’ rightly comes into picture where the problem is addressed by men and women alike, not just women alone.


5. It is ironic as to how many women are currently holding posts of great importance all around the world and being celebrated in high esteem for their skills and knowledge, and on the other hand, there are women of different ages, who unwillingly have become prey to hideous acts and injustices. This global tragedy needs to be urgently addressed.

6. While Emma’s idea of feminism aims at gender equality at all levels, let’s not forget the ones who face discrimination and abuse almost every day at work. Their sufferings also need to be recognized and done away with. Hence, ‘He For She’ seems to be apt in completing this task.

7. In a world of smartphones, social media, metros and exotic satellite missions, it is heart breaking that a large section of the society has not evolved out of the traditional stereotyped illogical thinking about women and their way of living. Hopefully the UN along with Emma Watson, brings about this much awaited evolution.

8. Having double standards in terms of gender is always a big no. Be it at work or play, women have always been differentiated from men. It’s high time that the right kind of ‘feminism’ sweeps away these double standards.

9. It is a universally known fact that women are all-rounders, if that wasn’t obvious. To be a home maker, an entrepreneur, a manager, a guide and a comforter all at the same time is definitely not easy. Women, if  given a chance to change the society can bring it to the pinnacle of unimaginable success. Unfortunately, some people do not share the same thoughts.

10. Last but not the least, it is completely inhumane to bring up one section of the society while bringing down the other. It is immature, unethical and morally wrong to even imagine success without providing free will to women and oppressing them in every step they take.

This is why we need initiatives like ‘He For She’ that will ensure that women break out from these societal clutches.

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