The Unemployed in India

Written Neha Rautela

It is a common saying that money makes the world go round. In other words, people work for money. There is a cut throat competition to earn maximum wealth and when there are more job aspirants than the demand for people in the job, a situation of unemployment arises. There is something more than poverty, overpopulation and other traditional causes of unemployment, and that is the lack of specialization in India. While most of us in India work to make both ends meet and fight the rising inflation, people in other developed nations are free to follow their passion. UN2 Dissatisfaction in jobs is a major reason for decreased production in various industries, leading to increase in educated unemployment. Those who are educated and capable are not able to give their best and those who are poor and uneducated become a liability for nation instead of being its responsible hands. While the burden of population in our country is too heavy, it cannot be ruled out that if used properly, the human resource is an important factor in development of the nation. But lack of specialization, that is the skills are not honed to their maximum and lack of good colleges that specialize in creative fields ruin the prospects of an average Indian student. The difference between jobs and aspiring candidates increases, leading to dissatisfaction and deviant tendencies in frustrated youth. This, in itself can lead to a string of other social problems like crime, corruption, etc. Talking about the farmers we find, among them the problem of disguised unemployment… for some months they are unemployed due to lack of knowledge about alternate crops that can be grown. Proper guidance must be provided to them by agricultural scientists about crops and fertilizers so that the natural resource and the human resource can be harnessed to its greatest extent. If everyone contributes his best to the country’s economy, we can decrease unemployment. Thus, the only way human resource can be used to its full potential is by creating new jobs and educating the people about the fields they want to go into. The traditional mindset should be changed, only then can we dream of a prosperous India.

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