8 Things You Can Do to Handle Peer Pressure

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Written by Heena Priya

Here are a few tips to manage peer pressure effectively:

1. Socialize with a good group of friends.
2. Don’t compare your actions with anybody else.
3. Have the courage to say ‘no’ if you are not comfortable with something; no matter how tempting and ‘fun’ it seems.
4. Be strong and mature enough to handle the situation.
5. Have a strong sense of self confidence.
6. Be well aware of your strengths and weaknesses
7. Know the permissible limits.
8. Hangout with people who share the same interests and hobbies as yours. Be sure that these interests are productive and beneficial in some way or the other.

What is Peer Pressure?

Very often in our lives we face certain situations where we cannot win an argument with others. We are bound to go with what they say and end up doing things unwillingly. People of all age groups experience these kinds of situations, known as ‘peer pressure’. Your friends, classmates and colleagues who share the same age as yours are called peers. When they try to influence your behaviour and actions, it is referred as peer pressure.

Peer pressure is that power or influence, which a peer group, both social as well as primary group, haul on one another. Its influence is so dominant that it results in change of behaviour, attitude, likes and dislikes, ethics and values of the affected person. If you are a teenager, chances are that you face this situation umpteen number of times.

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It’s an effortless task for us to take decisions on our own, but they become arduous when others get involved in the same. The pressure to react/respond in a particular type of situation may vary from person to person. The influence of the peers can be both direct as well as indirect.

However, peer pressure is not necessarily a bad thing. It maybe a friend who taught you a few tricks to score good marks by studying in a different way. Surely, it would have an impact in your life and that too, a positive one. Your friend may also stop you from doing something wrong that you will regret later on. So sometimes, in some situations, we need peer influence for a positive change.

People give in to peer pressure for a number of reasons. It maybe because they don’t want to disappoint their group and go against them. So, they just blindly follow the group’s decision. People, especially teenagers, want to belong and feel an important part of their respective groups. They would go to any length in order to please them.
Whatever the reason may be, people need to be mature enough to take the right decisions; we are the ultimate doers of the decisions we take. Hence, one needs to think carefully about what he/she is getting into.

It is not an easy task to deal with peer pressure. One needs a constant and reliable support to combat this issue. 

About the Author
peerpressuregirlHeena Priya is student, author, poet and an editor by profession. She currently resides at West Bokaro, Jharkhand. Presently, she is a student of DAV Public School. She is the author of the novel ‘Chase Your Dreams’ which was released last year, in the first week of Dec’13. She is also a contributing author as well as an editor of an anthology ‘Seasons of love’, which was released in the English and Hindi. Apart from writing. She is an avid reader and a computer freak.

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