Do We Really Live in a Just Society?


Written by Suha Azmath

What the world really needs is a fierce movement that aims at unshackling and freeing people from the racist thinking of others.

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Discrimination is something that you are taught and not born with. The world is at the peak of succession right now, or at least we thought so. On one side where people are celebrating life with skyscrapers, technology and the grandeur of media and entertainment, nobody even bothers to look on the other side of the hedge.

Nations proclaim of gender and race equality, but seldom do they follow what they preach. Protests and riots break out in various corners of the world almost everyday, where people are fiercely fighting for their basic human rights. Gender. Skin colour. Religion. Caste. Hundreds of innocent people are humiliated, discriminated and even killed mercilessly for being the way they are. Society looks down upon people solely because they are darker or belong to a different religion. People are being loathed for things that give them their true identity and self worth. Be it at home, work, at school or even out in public; racism is practiced widely in all phases of life. A hateful glance, a deceitful comment or public humiliation. All these small acts of mockery mirror the fickle minded, racist thinking of a few sections of the society.



It is not just the common man who faces racists on an everyday basis; Rosa Parks, Michael Jackson, Martin Luther King Jr, Oprah Winfrey and many more public figures have been victims of this thought process. Though it is overlooked most of the times, racism has grave consequences. It plants the seed for hatred, inferiority complex, nervous breakdowns, religious divides and caste clashes in the society. Suicides, public shootings, massacres, violent protests, suicide bombings all owe its allegiance to racism to a very large extent.

Although attempts are being made to get rid of this worldwide phenomenon, yet there is an urgent need to get to the root of this problem. The question arises as to what right does a human have to discriminate and humiliate another fellow human based on anything at all. On what terms can one see himself as superior to another? If money and high status truly made people rich and happy, then no millionaire or high end celebrity would be would be a victim of depression, drugs and suicide. We must constantly remember and remind those around us that we are defined and known by our behaviour, values, ethics, opinions and most importantly our self being. Things like skin colour are insignificant possessions when compared to an individual’s character. We must remember that we belong to the same global human race. The most efficient and advanced creation of all beings. This commands us to be respectful, kind and humble towards one another. We are mere fragments of dust that’ll ultimately be blown away. We must judge ourselves and the others based on character and not one’s appearance. Today, the oppressed is being stooped low to accept himself or herself as a lower being: only because they speak another language, are of another skin tone and believe in something that others cannot comprehend. People are being discriminated on a large scale based on their nationality; women are beaten up, raped and murdered, communities are being killed in gas attacks, the cosmetic industries are high on manufacturing fairness creams because dark skinned people are not acceptable. So much is being done and still people believe that we are headed towards creating an “equal” society.

imagesWhat the world really needs is a fierce movement that aims at unshackling and freeing people from the racist thinking of others. An idea that can really bring about a change through various forms of media, engaging the young and old alike, wiping away the shadow of hate and discrimination. A beacon of light that brings out the oppressed and the forgotten from this everlasting darkness.

Martin Luther King Jr once said that our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

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Equality and mutual respect matters a lot to our society. As a fellow human being, we must help one another in times of difficulties and sorrow. Unless we do not raise our voices against racism in all forms, how can we expect to live in peace? We cannot live a happy life solely because we are content with what we have, irrespective of our surroundings. We need to do our best to help erase racism and the discomfort it brings along with it. If not on a large scale, we can at least make sure that those living around us are not victims of racism. If we believe that we are a part and parcel of the society then we definitely need to realize and implement our responsibilities of being one. We need to regain the oppressed to their rightful positions before their voices are lost in a struggle for respect and equality. This realization needs to be observed immediately, because time and tide wait for none; not even for the smartest and fastest generations.

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