By Fouqia Wajid
Founder Director,
Chief Editor,
OnFire Magazine

Perhaps my wet eyes mirror your pride
Your rage may melt down by my numbness
Possibly the poison is being dissolved in my veins
Carrying its essence to large distances
Perhaps, you’ll fall in love with me in just one gaze
Or take years, until I reach my grave
Possibly it is impossible for me to return
I’ll attain satisfaction in this dissolution
Possibly you would come to me in my eyes
Or you may remain miles away, the way we are …
Possibly I may see you to my sight’s fulfillment
or with this one sight, our love may fade away,
Perhaps this is just my illusion blending in my belief
Possibly for this plight of mine, you are responsible,
I’m in love with you, still unable to,
Perhaps I may not even reach your doorstep
While you are awaiting my return
Perhaps I am cheated, your ego
Possibly I blame you, yet incapable of resting in peace
Possibly you would one day pity my suffering or
build a castle of anger & questions
Possibly you would raise your eyebrows with disbelief
When I speak … cozily interrogate …
Or my questions before they turn into voice
may just fly in the name of surrender, scattering pieces
in grey melancholic Air …


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